poniedziałek, 15 lutego 2010

Gunwale fitting

Fitting & fastening gunwale and outwale was much more laborious then I thought.
It eventually broke my back, so I lost one whole day. Still we have some progres:)))

Here you have all tools I used for the job: two drills (one for a pilot hole, and one for counterbore), combination pliers (I lost my end cutting nippers somewhere), two hammers and two special tools of my invention:)

This time I had to use wire copper nails. ClassicMarine had some problems with supplier of copper fastenings and didn't complete my order. This Polish wire nails are made from very tough copper, which makes them easy to drive, but hard to rivet. I didn't like the stuff, but had no other choice.

Fastening in counterbored holes is difficult for one person. I had to make a "third hand" of steel wire. It holds a 1/4' bolt which allows me to drive the nail into the counter-bored hole. A shorter screw I used to hold the nail head while riveting. This system was quite efficient but much slower then riveting without counter-bore.

I still have to plane the wales flush with the sheerstrake, but it's getting more and more "boaty" with every workday:D

I hope the winter is over. Then I'm going to visit her every week.

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